Thursday, September 19, 2013

Feeling better yet???

  I left the nest last night. Stretched my wings and the local beauty store. It may seem small but to walk up and down the isle of any store without interruption of snotty noses or children screaming is my kind of relaxing. And these isles weren't your typical milk and eggs kind of views. These were overflowing with powders, primers, lipsticks, bronzers, and all things lovely really. I get a little (okay, A LOT) excited when talking about makeup and even more so when I'm surrounded by it and get to buy some!
    It was exceptionally special that I got to get out this week considering we've all been passing around some kind of cold and struggling to breathe. My three-year-old actually came crawling into my bed around 3am this morning coughing profusely and innocently whispering, "I think I'm sick, Mommy." So, with medicine flowing and tissues piling we've been home bound this week.
  However, I wanted to share my go-to beauty items. These aren't my I'm-getting-all-dolled-up-to-go-on-a-hot-date-with-my-huzzybug kind of items but they do make me feel bright eyed and bushy tailed before heading out the door. And let's face it, who doesn't like a great concealer?

    I'd love to do a haul of the fun goodies I got last night but two of my three kiddos are feeling better and they are showing me by the music band "parade" that is noisily making it's round through my living room. These drums, violin and a "flute" (aka- recorder) for some reason don't sound quite like I remember the marching bands in the parades I've visited. Thank goodness to Pinterest ideas that have kept them a little quieter on other days. This one was a personal favorite b/c I got to display it and I must admit, it was pretty cool looking. It's just neon food coloring added to bubbles but it kept us all busy for quite a while. My back porch shows some colorful markings of the fun we had. Surely rain water will wash it off?

      A note to self and a reminder to all, get out and enjoy the weather if at all possible. These sunny warm days won't be here for too much longer. I think the pool is calling our names in the very near future :)

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