Thursday, September 26, 2013

Relishing Today

  We have had a fun day of creativity and exploration. My mom, a teacher for like 4 decades now (yeah, she's kind of an expert), has given me so many ideas for helping young ones use their imaginations while learning. She is an invaluable resource.
  We started with what she calls "stations" and I had five set up today. They ranged from building blocks to hole punching. They get to practice hand-eye coordination while creating a new display for their artwork rope. I sat an hour glass timer in the middle of the table so they could see how much longer they had until it was time to switch stations. (The hour glass was actually a mistake-buy because I thought it would actually be an hour and I could set it in Cailee's room during nap time so she knew when she could get up without setting a beeping timer that would wake her in the rare case she actually fell asleep-however, it only lasts about 10 minutes)

The stations set up...

  I had the stations numbered but Alia had to do the station with princesses first :)

   The hands-on activities are great for days I have a bit more to get done. The girls stay focused and I can get a job or two done. However, some days, like today, I just enjoy the activities with them. Seeing them keep trying until they get it right and then shouting, "MOMMY! LOOK! I did it!!" is pretty cool indeed.

  We are joining in a shoe drive next week. They collect gently used shoes and ship them to places like Kenya, Haiti and South America. They also help communities around the world receive clean water. The girls are excited to go through their old shoes and give them away. Follow the link above if you are interested in joining in.
   I had a conversation with a friend just a couple weeks ago about how to help our children have an "others" mindset from a young age. I thought of volunteering at a soup kitchen with the little ones but she suggested this age is too young to begin something like that and recommended going to visit the elderly at nursing homes. When I was young my Nana used to take all us grandchildren to do just that every time we went to visit her. I think in addition to that we will take our artwork for them to display. Maybe bake some cookies together to take as well?
    What volunteering have you done or ideas do you have to help your children begin thinking of others now? I would love to hear your feedback. Just comment below :)
    I leave you with these words my sister sent to me today and oh how it blessed me. Have a wonderful day with those you love as well!


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