Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Welcome to my mess!

I have a beautiful mess on my hands. It's often more than I (think I) can handle. It's chaotic. Mundane. Lively. Sticky. It's my messy life that I am seeing more and more is absolutely beautiful in every detail. From the food coloring dumped on my three year old's new dress to the scrambling to pull a (somewhat) well-balanced dinner for everyone to sit around and share our days together. All the stuffed up noses, the wet spots on the carpet where we are still working on potty training, the wild dancing parties (that are much different from those I visited when I was younger), the cuddles, the stories, the laughs and cries...I have a mess on my hands. And so do you. Whether you have slowed down enough to know it or not, it's worth noticing. And I invite you to come along with me to share in this messy life that is oh.so.beautiful.

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