Friday, September 20, 2013

What does it really mean anyway?

    Whew! What a whirlwind of a day and it's only mid-afternoon! You know those days that you look down and see dropped lettuce on your shirt from lunch but never bothered to check before you ran into countless people and yet no one said ANYTHING to you about it? The kind of days that you are running in and out at countless stops (with three darling and well-behaved kids in tow...well, in tow at least) and half the time wondering if you're leaving your wallet or possibly a child behind? Well, today has been one of those days. We accomplished a lot and enjoyed getting out after being cooped up for awhile but the moments ran together like a soupy mess. I had one thought that kept entering and leaving my mind while I lugged around the purchases and children... "I don't know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody." It was posted on Instagram a few days ago and I have continually been finding myself remembering those simple words (which in and of itself is a feat because I have never been gifted in the memory department). How often do we wonder what someone else is thinking about what we said or what we do? How many of our decisions are based on what other people will think or say?
   We live in a very socially active world...we are plugged into ideas and thoughts from all over~facebook, instagram, twitter (I haven't joined that world yet) and just about anyone with a computer and some typing skills can open their own BLOG (heehee). People are sharing their thoughts and opinions, once again, like a soupy mess. How much do we let what others say affect who we are and what we do. How confident are we to step out and do something we've dreamed of?  I have found that when I base my decisions off of what someone else would want me to do, I end up failing miserably at it or I get genuinely disinterested very quickly. I am actually doing no one any favors by trying to please them when my heart is somewhere else. It typically all comes out in the end that it was bogus on my part and is a bigger let down than if I'd just been honest from the onset.
   I want my girls to grow up with confidence. I want them to know who they are, who loves them and that they are full of their very own gifts and talents, ideas and creativity that should be explored and shared with others. Better to try and fail and get back up to try again than to have never stepped out, right? We know that. We've heard that our whole lives but how completely do we live it? Think of all those big name people we've all learned about~ Babe Ruth, Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison ~ that failed miserably but then soared so high we still see them to this day.
   I think we can all soar. Our names don't have to go down in history books or up in big lights to have been successful. Success is the banker being honest with his customer even if it doesn't get him the sale right then and there. It's the student noticing another who is being bullied and hurt and reaching out to them with an open hand and heart. It's the mom listening for hours to the cries of her fussy baby and yet tenderly caressing and caring for him. It's not taking the easy way out or worrying what others will think or say. We can be an absolute astonishing success each and every day in the little and big decisions we make. But we must base them on what's in our heart and what is right rather than what the next guy is advocating.
   I encourage you to search your heart. See what's inside and what really tugs at you. Is it working with kids? Is it being a good friend? Is it writing? Advocating an important cause? Getting involved in your community? Then begin taking steps in that direction! Take a meal to an elderly couple and visit with them for a while to hear their stories. Volunteer at a local charity and meet some of the recipients. Ask your church family if there is a need you can fill. Whatever the direction is, move that way and before you know it, it will be who you are...and that my friends, I call a SUCCESS!
    Enjoy your weekend, my friends!!

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