Monday, September 23, 2013

What's that sound?

   It's happening again...more sickness. Really? Yes, really. This time my 4 year old awoke last night from a bad dream (someone was bouncing balls in her bed) and burning up...temperature almost 104. Her little body was shivering under all the sweat but she let me place a cool damp cloth over her head with little complaining. I think she was too exhausted to protest much. Josh ran out to grab yet another bottle of children's tylenol and the baby woke up screaming to be held. I hadn't slept well the previous night due to my own cold kicking back in full force and all day Sunday consisted of trying to bring some comfort to the sick little ones. Am I complaining? Maybe.
  Today, Micaiah has been restless and in the middle of her fussiness (okay, more like screaming) Alia asked me to read her a book. After a morning of cries and baths and messes and sibling rivalry, I jumped at the opportunity to sit down on the comfy couch and cuddle the girls. After Alia's favorite cat book, Cailee brought one over that we had checked out from the library (and yes, it's long overdue). It was called "Wilfred Gordon McDonald Partridge"... quite a mouthful.
   The story is of a little boy who lives next to an "old people's home" and he got to know all the people who lived there from visiting them daily. One old lady in particular had lost her memory~ Miss Nancy Alison Delacourt.  The young boy, Wilfred Gordon McDonald Partridge helps her get her memories back. It is a beautiful story and brought tears to my eyes.

     Slowing down for that little bit to read, I began realizing that at every stage in this life, we are going to have some kind of noise. There's no getting away from it and I don't know that any of us would really want to permanently (although for brief increments, absolutely!) In the story, the nursing home has different characters and each has a unique personality. One man has a voice like a giant. Another lady plays the organ. Each one bringing some sound to the story.
  This weekend, well, actually just Saturday, everyone was healthy for a brief window. We got to get out and enjoy a local festival with all kinds of cool sights and sounds! We hung out with friends and family as the girls made candles.

   And had newspaper hats made for them...

   And even milked some "cows"...
   Luckily, the cows weren't very stinky. And we even found time to paint our nails with some of my new "chalkboard nail polish". Can't say it looked gorgeous but we all match and that's what matters, right?

   It was gorgeous day and everyone had a memorable time. These little nuggets are going in the memory bank and some day I will pull them back out and cherish them all over again, just like Miss Nancy. Right now I have some less melodious sounds and moments happening, like seeing my little girl struggle with fever. I can't pretend I wouldn't like to fast forward these "moments" to the good sounds and memory-making times. However, I can't and neither can you. We have so much in life to be thankful for. The less-than-favorable times may help me recognize that. And if nothing else, I can be thankful that in the darkness of sick days, sleepless nights, laundry piling high, I have these nuggets stashed away...maybe for that very reason.
  Whatever season you're in, cherish the sounds and scenes around you. And if right now is an especially difficult time, pull out the memories of good times and know there are more to come.

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