Friday, October 25, 2013

Livin' on a Prayer... and coffee... lots of coffee

It started out like any old normal day.

The batteries on the smoke detector near our room were going out. At 5 a.m. 
The baby woke needing to eat.
One child peed the bed.
The other woke crying because she needed medicine. Sore throat. Stuffy nose. 
Then the other woke because she also wanted medicine. Sympathy symptoms?
I wanted to do the night over. But before daylight even began to peek into our windows, we were rolling.

It continued like any old other day.

We recently got our home on the market and a realtor called to say they had scheduled a showing in one hour. 
One child was in the bath. 
The baby was needing to eat.
I needed to straighten things up. Pack bags. Make beds. You know, make it look as little as lived in as possible with three young children. 

We got everything done in a hurry and ran to the fast food joint.
The baby threw up on me.
One child dropped her burger on the nasty ground.
The other peed in the play place.
The baby needed to eat.

Well, in a nutshell, that has been a large portion of our day. Hopefully the people like the home. Hopefully they want to buy it. Hopefully we will be moving into our bigger home soon. Hopefully. 

It is so funny how I thought my life was so full before a husband and kids. I would go all day and all night and come home and crash, thinking I did not have a moment to spare. What was I thinking? All my moments were mine! My moments are no longer mine. They mostly belong to the awesome man I married and three youngins I'm rearing. Every now and then they all nap at once and I get to sip some coffee and reflect. I would not change any of it for the world. All the bumps, dips, spins and crashes- without downs there would be no ups. Life is funny that way. I am taking it in stride. Hopefully you are too! Enjoy the messes~ they change as the seasons in life do. I won't always have spit up and pee stains to clean up. Someday it will be relational challenges and more heart issues. Someday it will be children moving away and empty rooms. There will always be messes. Today, mine are all over the place. Literally. On my shirt. I better go change. 

Loving my mess!

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