Saturday, December 7, 2013

Keep the Journey Going

I went in, took off my coat and sat down. She asked, "How are you doing?" And so began the three hour appointment with a highly trained professional with whom I shared  my fears, hopes and dreams. It had been almost five months since I had been in and much had changed. I kept putting it off but it was pressing on me almost daily how badly I needed to get in to see her. I am so thankful for my hairdresser.

And my neighbor who has two young children.
And the young cashier at my local grocer who tells me of his plans for college.
And the mom at church who is struggling with her newest addition.
And the librarian who checks on us every visit.
And the countless faces and names I cannot even begin to list who cross my path and share a piece of themselves with me.

I am full. I have a bursting, bleeding heart if you will. I cannot pass a person and hear their story without a tear or two falling. Because yes, the stories are usually of hardship, difficulty, pain. Why? Because we ALL have a painful story of our own.


I am not one to want to sound heavy. I always try to see the good in people or situations. However, the honest truth cannot be ignored. We are a broken bunch. Not a one can deny the fact that life has hardships. Regardless your position in life, if you have lived at all, you have been broken. And if you are able to read this and say you haven't been, then you know someone who has. 

All it takes is walking through your daily life and having an ear open and heart available to see that precious people struggle.

I have been involved in ministry for many years. I got a degree in social work. I have always been a people person and for those reasons have possibly heard more than my share of heartache. But the fact is, if we have eyes and ears, we see the black sludge dripping off people's feet from the dark paths they have walked through. 

We are currently selling, building and buying a home. It's a process that has once again opened my eyes to the fallen nature of man. People do not naturally have integrity in the dark places that no one sees. If someone can get away with a job half way done, they typically will. An easy dollar seems to be a common thread. 

Thinking of a an entire nation and even world that has been bruised and battered and even has done the battering themselves causes strong emotions to rise. I am once again left with the realization that the sickness in our hearts is incurable. When we realize how blackened our own hearts are, we can call on the great Physician to come and heal us. Each healed heart can be a conduit for other hearts to call out to the only real Healer. ThisSavior created us to know Him and love Him but also to love others. When our hearts are healed we are able to do just that.

Oh God, help me know you more. Use me to change the world. I would rather be naive and full of hope than jaded and unwilling to make a difference. Let's all go forward with a hope that transcends difficulty and sees beyond what is in front of us to what can be. Let us explore the great love of Christ and become so full of Him that we are bumping, pouring and spilling out everywhere we go. Hand in hand with Him, we will see great things ahead.

Keep the Spirit of Christmas alive! What a perfect season to dwell on the truth that none of us are good~ but there is One who is! And He loves us!! Oh how He loves us!

God bless!!

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  1. For the record, all the dishonesty we have dealt with has not been with our current builder.