Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Blah-ness can lead to Ahhh-ness

It is not necessarily exciting.
It is not usually sparkly or glamorous. (However, glitter can be involved.)
Definitely not mysterious.
It is a 7 letter word that can cause some, if not most people, to retreat very quickly.


There, I said it. I got it out without getting hives.

With all the changes in our lives in the last month, the very thought of a routine was surely stuffed away in a box somewhere. And this very day I attempted to pull it out, untangle, and try it out again.

The results were grimacing. 

From the time we woke up, little ones were asking, asking and re-asking "can we do this?", "will we do this?", "when will we do this?" and as many variations of that question as you can imagine. 

Tears were flowing freely when I attempted to lay each one down for a nap. That may sound typical to have fussy, emotional kids that whine and complain about pretty much any decision you make as a parent but let me say with emphasis, THAT IS NOT TYPICAL FOR US.

I learned early on in my mommy-hood, kids.need.routine. They need it like they need air. Like they need food. Like they need love. With it, they flourish and learn, soaking up each moment like a sponge. 

Without it, as I have once again been reminded of, they fall apart at any given moment like an unraveling sweater. The slightest pull or tug and all joy, smiles and pleasantness is yanked right out.

Attempting to start a routine can be daunting, an unfathomable task. However, with some good old fashioned dedication you can push your sleeves back, brace yourself for the bumpy ride and reign that wild horse back in. 

You see, humans do not naturally flow towards routine. What is that law they reference to say that things tend to stray towards chaos? I forget. But it's true. And it is no less true for little ones. In fact, little ones may need structure more than any other age group.

Over the next few days and weeks I am going to continue working to pull my little horses back into the stall so we can return to a place of order in our lives.

Order brings peace.
It sets little teeny hearts at ease knowing what they can generally expect to happen that day.
It brings joy in the home. 
Smiley faces.
Happy hearts.
And a general sense of…well, "ahhh-ness".

Side note for all questioning or concerned: Routine does not have to mean boring. And it most definitely does NOT mean no spontaneity. Life is full of unexpected opportunities that bring excitement and fun. However, when there is a general order to your young ones' lives, they can more easily enjoy those opportunities and there will be much fewer emotional messes you as caretaker will need to clean up. All in all, it leaves much more time for fun! And we can all say, "Ahhhhh" about that.

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