Sunday, April 27, 2014

Turning the Page

Here I sit. My eyes tired and probably red. My head swarming with yesterdays trials and today's accomplishments. Spring is here. Life is popping up everywhere you turn. Take a walk and hear the insects humming, see the bird's full nests, feel the warmth on your skin.

I do not necessarily have an abundance of "down time" these days to monitor where I am mentally, emotionally, spiritually (or any "ally" for that matter) before this big change fast approaching. The Move. The start of something new. There will be a lot of firsts to take hold of and some lasts to let go of.

It is not very common as an adult you get to move back in with your folks and rebuild a life with them (albeit temporary). And mom and I refer to this season we are now seeing come to an end as a "blessing." Not cliche at all. When I first came, she had a heart to heart with me in the van in the parking lot of Baby's R Us. Before we went hog wild on the huge sale we teared up together. She told me how her and God "had a talk." She had began telling Him how she did not know how this was going to work- us invading their lives, their home, their personal space. Being a family of five you can't really do anything but invade when you enter a home. Mom told me the Lord shook her up and said, "Do you not know this is your blessing? I am giving this time to you as a blessing and I can take it away." She said from that moment on she knew what it was. It was a beautiful start to this season of mixing and tangling our lives up together.

Now I am trying to untangle not only mine but my three young daughter's lives so we can start the process of invading my home town again. We have a beautiful new home there (that I still cannot even believe is mine) awaiting us and a pool that will get used excessively. We will start homeschooling this fall. We have friends to catch up with. Family to get reacquainted with. Lives to be rebuilt. And as excited and nervous and anxious as I am to begin to build that new life, I also am having a difficult time letting go here.

The laughs of seeing my dad give piggyback rides to the two oldest every.single.night and if one night does not happen they make it up with two the following evening. Being able to hop in the car and drive 2 minutes to visit with my sister and her family and cook an impromptu meal together just because we can. My mom and I talking face to face about her work, her memories, her love for my girls. My parents' church that has sustained me and encouraged me in ways they will never know. The peace of being together with those you hold so dear yet see so rarely in "normal" life.

Saying the lives we have created here will be missed is understated in the most grand of ways.


Much remains untold in our new world. For the first time in our married lives we have an open book in front of us. Our lives are unwritten on levels we have never even imagined (as "unwritten" as owning your own business and raising three children is). When we talk, my husband and I just imagine together the possibilities that lie ahead. We dream together. Question together. Place it in the Lord's hands together.

So as I finish folding and packing and zipping up our final memories here, I ask for your prayers as we turn this next page. We are about to start a new story...

I leave you with a few snapshots of some of my "favorites" for the month of April.

A favorite coffee spot while the girls run and play on neighbors' swing set. 

The cousins getting to experience the beach (albeit the weather was not 80s but stuffing
9 of us in a hotel room built for 4 proved to be
an adventure on a whole nutha' level)

Ummm...what IS that?? Yep, it's going on the face

I found several Pinterest recipes for natural face scrubs but they all
seemed to make enough to do a family of 50 so I concocted
a smaller dose.
3 TB extra virgin olive oil
2TB honey
1/2 cup brown sugar
A stirring stick
Add olive oil first, then honey (this helps get every last
bit of honey out), then sugar.
Mix together with stirring stick and...

VOILA! You have a face scrub that even your dad (or husband or
whoever would never think of using an exfoliate) WILL use!
Just rinse with warm water. No soap and then 
part dry with a towel. And FEEL the softness!

I kinda have a new obsession with wine bottles. They make beautiful
decor for any season and there are so many ideas. This one
is wrapped in hemp. And ouch is all I have to say about
using a glue gun. If you know me and have me over, you will
probably be receiving some variation of this.

So I watched this infomercial...'nuff said.

A beautiful sunny Easter celebration with some of my
favorite people. 

The end. Or shall I say...
The Beginning...