Thursday, March 10, 2016

When Tired and Burdened Is Right Where You Need to Be

      The cousins came for a visit. That made everything we did take a little longer and every place we went a bit more work. Winter always wears everyone out and everyone could use some more outside time so I promised them in the afternoon we would go to co-op and fly kites. I mean, doesn't that just sound magical and childlike? 

     So we get there and the small kites won't fly. That leaves a half dozen other kids quarreling over who gets to fly and hold the ONE kite that does make it up into the air. Emotions ensue and for the next two hours Mom attempts to console a screaming two year old, challenge a bored 7 year old and yet somehow have some grown-up conversation mixed in there as well. Feeling defeated, I wanted to gather them all up and head home. I felt like crying right along with the child screaming in my arms. 

     How many times do we feel exhausted, overwhelmed, cleaning up one fiasco just in time to witness another one beginning? 

   The endless spiraling of chaos that sweeps us off our feet and sometimes knocks us on our backs. And yet, we keep on. 

     Because that infant needs another bottle. That two year old wants you to sit and hold her. That preschooler is heartbroken a child lied about her. That seven year old wants you to lay with her awhile at bedtime. 

     And you do it all.

   Because when you lay down and your head finally hits that pillow, your heart and mind want to rest on the things you did rather than beat yourself up for the things you did not. 

     Motherhood can disheartening, wearying and lonesome. You constantly feel like you are failing to teach some vitally important lesson. You feel burdened about what is right now and worrisome of what is ahead. And you are pretty certain you should be saving for their future therapist because you are messing it all up.

     And then these words come to mind: "Come to Me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest." ~Matthew 11:28 (NLT)

     When you are sleep deprived and cannot think straight, He will give you rest.

     When your little one is sick and you see them suffering, He will lift your burden.

     When the days seem long and you cannot figure out how to get through the next moment,  He will lead you.

     The trouble is, we try to carry these burdens ourselves. And that is where the load gets weighty. But if we (I) can grasp that being burdened and tired is a safe place, a perfect place, really, for Him to meet with us, then we do not have to dread our situation.

     And that takes us further than we thought we could go.

     When people disappoint or hurt us, we can continue to give our time and best efforts.

     When situations are out of our control, we can still have joy and trust the process.

     When the unexpected challenges our abilities, we can trust that we will be enabled. 
    And we can feel strengthened to go into tomorrow with new mercies, more strength and fresh perspective to take on what lies ahead. 


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